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For All Mediations

1. RATES- The Rates vary based on the types of cases. Please inquire within. 

2. EXTRA TIME – Park Mediation reserves the right to charge for Ms. Park’s extra preparation, conference, and follow-up time at the rate of $600 per hour.  After the mediation has concluded, Park Mediation Services will send a supplemental invoice, which is due and payable upon receipt.

3. THIRD PARTY FACILITY COSTS/MEDIATIONS OUTSIDE OF AREA – Currently, all mediations are available remotely, however for in person mediations, Conference facilities need to be arranged by the parties if it outside of Orange County. In person mediations outside of the Orange County area will be subject to a full day rate.  Should a third-party facility become necessary, Park Mediation can assist in securing conference space and the fee will be the responsibility of the parties.

4. FEE AND COST ALLOCATION - FEES, EXTRA TIME and THIRD-PARTY FACILITIES COSTS will be billed to and are due from the mediation participants in equal, pro rata shares unless the parties agree to a different allocation and notify Park Mediation Group at the time of billing.

5. DEPOSITS – Each participant’s share of the total amount due must be received 30 days before the mediation in order to guarantee the mediation date and time.  Otherwise, Park Mediation Services will offer the date to other clients. 

6. CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT – If the mediation is cancelled or postponed within 30 days of the scheduled date, the party (or parties) requesting the cancellation or postponement is (are) responsible for the 10% of the total mediation fee or $600 cancellation fee whichever is higher. 

7. PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY – The attorney and his or her client are jointly and severally responsible to Park Mediation for payment of fees and costs.  

8. ADDITIONAL PARTIES- All cases involving more than  2 parties will be charged additional fees.  

9.  EFFECTIVE DATE – This fee schedule is effective for matters scheduled after  March 30, 2023.

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