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About Stella K. Park

Stella Park is a trained, experienced and dedicated mediator specializing Employment (wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, class action, wrongful termination) Real Estate, Education, Contract disputes and Personal injuries and HOA matters.

Ms. Park received her B.A. from U.C. Berkeley in 1987.  She then went on to become a 1990 graduate of UCLA School of Law and started practicing law in commercial litigation. In 2001, she began her educational career after she completed her master’s in education. She taught at various public schools in Southern California.  In 2007, she passed the bar in the State of Nevada.  In 2008, she returned to law practice representing various financial institutions and real estate developers.  She was involved in copyright and trademark litigations for several years and was actively involved in one case heard by the US Supreme Court. In 2011, she completed her training in mediation and began her volunteer work as a court mediator as well as a private mediator. She is currently a partner in a boutique law firm of Park & Zheng in South Orange County.


  • Mediator Certification Training  Community Service programs (CSP)                                        2011

  • Temporary Judge Training for Mandatory Settlement Conference                                               2011-present

  • Family Law mediator Certification training   OC Human Relations                                             2012

  • Orange County Bar Association    ADR Section/ Employment                                                    2013- present

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